Its been awhile…

Hey! So it really has been awhile since I’ve made a post. I’ve been sooo busy between editing my book and starting school and getting promotions at work! It’s been hectic and wonderful all at the same time.

But with my life being so busy these days, I’ve also encountered a new problem. My anxiety refuses to let me relax and I’m still beating myself up for all the things that I don’t do. So enter an article that some co-workers and I were discussing Buzzfeed’s Joana Morn’s article entitled:  I Tried to Stop Being a Garbage Person For A Week

Joana Morn goes on to describe her experiences with doing all the little things she tells herself she should do everyday, but doesn’t. IE: Wearing makeup, getting dressed for the office, eating breakfast, skin care, etc. The article was great and she had a lot of excellent points about how this kept her self esteem up through the week. But she also came to the conclusion that it was honestly exhausting and didn’t make her feel any better about herself.

Well, after reading this article it made me realize that I’m not the only one who feels like I should be doing more in a day. For me it’s doing laundry diligently, keeping up with dishes, setting aside “Me” time, etc. I realized that much of my anxiety and depression stems from the fact that I sit here day after day wishing I could be someone else, or at least act a little better, because I feel as though my mental illness cripples me at times. But if instead of thinking “I should do this” what if I just got up and did it? How much more busy would my life be if I went ahead and did the thousands of little things I tell myself I should do each day?

And thus this post was born. It’s amazing how much doing a few things can inspire you to want to do more. Its Wednesday and I have been actively attempting to “do things” since Monday. While I haven’t been the most successful in the mornings, I have done exceptionally well in the evenings.

So I am going to try a new daily routine and implement some ways to de-stress and be motivated and still be incredibly productive all while battling my anxiety and depression. I’ll keep you updated. 😉