A Letter to My Readers:

To my dearest readers:

You may be here in search of my series of blog posts highlighting the events of my childhood. I am so sorry to disappoint, however they have been removed from this site.

Thank you, though, for taking the time out of your day to read. It means so very much to me to know that before I ever even attempt to start a public conversation about trauma and abuse, so many people are already been involved and touched by my story.

The next step for my story is editing. I am currently in the process of taking this out of a “blog” format and transition this piece into something that flows through each event. I am also adding in multiple details and revelations that have presented themselves these past few months.

I have a goal. I have a dream. I want this to be huge because I feel that a serious conversation about mental illness needs to be started in our country. I feel that the stigma around mental illness and abuse has long been misunderstood which has resulted in less resources and less options for those who have endured trauma. There are so many people in our society today that we deem “lazy” or “unfit” or even “crazy”.

The reality of the situation is that something has touched these people on a level that some may never understand unless they’ve experienced it. But if we don’t do our best to help people understand, we won’t make any progress towards helping these people.

There can be a sense of “normalcy” after trauma. There is life after abuse. Not enough people in our world hear this or know this and I feel like I have been put through my experiences to become a beacon and a voice for these people. To shine a light on an area that so many in our society want to hide in the shadows.

It’s time to address trauma, abuse and mental illness head on.


I will continue to make posts. I have so much more to say about life in general. I will also keep those that are interested updated on my progress through the publishing process.

I’m hoping once this book get’s published that this will open the door for me to begin publicly speaking as an advocate for trauma and abuse victims. Down the road I would also like to start an organization that assists teenagers aging out of the foster system. I also hope to one day participate in multiple Burn Awareness programs

Thank you again for reading. As always feel free to ask me any questions about what you have read.







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