Once the Ocean, Now the Mountain

Once upon a time, in another life it seems, I lived in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. My whole life was stretched before me with its seemingly endless supply of opportunities and the constant promise of new horizons. I was young, I was eager, and I pretty much assumed I knew everything. I was like that of the oceans that surrounded my home.

My favorite place has always been near a body of water, ocean obviously winning out for its immense size and mystery. So many times throughout my life I have found my most peaceful moments staring out over a rippling body of water contemplating life and all its grandeur.

Water in itself was always such an excellent metaphor for my life and who I am. What seemed calm and collected on the top was really teeming with movement and energy inside. Each emotion wiggling around like that of the fish, each moment in time a plant growing from the bottom of the water-bed splitting currents and altering the paths of the life the water holds. The only time you see the water churning immensely is in times of great storms. I always felt these movements fit me to a T.

It’s been years since I’ve lived close to the ocean, though every time I return to Florida I make it a point to go and sit in the sand for a time. Kansas has many waterways and many lakes that are beautiful, some even speaking more loudly to me than the Ocean. You see, while there is so much possibility in a horizon that never ends, it is so comforting to see the other side of the water. To know that everything comes full circle, even the tumultuous waves of life rippling in front of you.

Full circle…I swear this post is going there! My family and I recently ventured out to Colorado for a family vacation (First one! Yay!) and while there we attended a Dinosaur Museum. This Museum was wonderful, small but FULL of all sorts of interesting facts and fossils. One of the most interesting things to me was an entire room dedicated to Prehistoric Marine Life. Once upon a time Kansas itself was a waterway, or a “sea” of sorts if you will. As Pangea drifted apart the low elevation levels allowed the earth to fill in with water. Nearly every fossil in this room had been dug up in Kansas.

So maybe somewhere in my heart when I moved here I knew that I needed that Ocean still…but I needed a firm foundation as well. And Kansas has definitely given that to me by supplying me with a stable life and family and an excellent place to build my own life and make my own decisions.

But it was this trip to Colorado that really got me thinking about geographic locations, the reflection of nature in our lives, etc. I had never seen Mountains in person before, and I was so moved and taken aback. The landscape is just beautiful. The way these majestic peaks just rise out of the ground and tower over everything just leaves you feeling so full of emotion.

And it was on this trip that I decided that I prefer mountains over water. You see, Mountains are the result of extreme and tumultuous activity. Tectonic plates shifting in the ground causing massive earthquakes which then cause these huge structures to explode from the ground and loom over all. These majestic peaks are the result of incredibly hard work and at times traumatizing experiences. Never moving, but always changing, growing.

I am those mountains. I will be those mountains for the rest of my days. I will stand strong in the face of adversity, I will stand tall knowing what I have been through. And while I stand at the tops of those peaks, I will still know never ending opportunity for I will see the horizon and I will know that beyond that are more horizons and more Oceans and more Mountains.

Out of the Ocean I have risen and at the top of my Mountain will I stand.



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